Look here loyal readers

you may be quick to jump to your "informed" decisions, thinking "oh that tom there, he's only just got up at 10.51am, he's a lazy good for nothing rodent". Surprisingly although you'd normally be right, today I have thrown aside normal stereotypes and splashed water in the face of omnipotent prejudice to wake up at 8am, have breakfast, a shower, do my weekly Tesco shop at big Tesco and fix my computer from crisis already. Take that.

Needless to say, I see it fit to continue this marvelous venture without delay. Except to write this. and a bit more drivel first. For instance, did you know I can't even fill up my car for £25 when there's still some petrol in it. Thats blasphemy. Well it isn't but you get the point.

Right, now I plan to go to the long lounge to do a bit of work, as I have a suspicion that they serve tom yum goong (though I may be wrong) which is a Thai dish with prawns which is also actually the original Thai name for The Warrior King film. If I didn't rule so much I'd suck...

Addiction: Dr Pepper

Guilty Pleasure: Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around...Comes Around

Phone: Offline today, due to number swappage.


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