A day to be annoyed with.

I'm sure at some point today I worked out an awesome introduction to this blog in my head. Unfortunately my head has the retainablity of a sieve.

Things that have made me annoyed today:

  1. The Post Office again FAILED to delivery my House Season 2 DVDs. So I went to pick it up 4 hours later from the Post Office like they said. So I went there and they couldn't find it saying "Oh we still have 2 drivers out". I was like "k man, no sweat". So I went there just now (5.12pm) and dude couldn't find it and claimed they prolly still out. REALLY? STILL? no doubt they've lost it, so I'll go there tomorrow and kick up a fuss.
  2. Last night my computer was mad wack noisy. So doing as any good Computer Scientist does, I opened it up and proceeding to poke the fan in the Power Supply Uni (PSU) to make it shut up. It did. 5 minutes later my computer overheated and turned off. Turns out I broke the fan. Bastards. So I poked some more. turns out there was still electricity in there. So after nearly dislocating my shoulder jerking away from the electric shock I went to sleep.
  3. I then woke up at like 10 instead of 7 which annoyed me some more, as did the blasted cleaner. (Hi sally!)
  4. As a continuation I then went to PC world in the morning to buy a new PSU which was 40 quid, and on top of that I bought a VGA to DVI adapter which was 15 quid!!! (and normally have so many I'm drowning in them).
  5. Fixed computer, all seemed fine. Then lots of clunking and it kept crashing....
  6. I've wasted this afternoon completely and didn't get down to the old library to work. or Gym.
  7. I'm had no Dr Pepper Today.
Things that made me happy today:
  1. Amazingly beautiful day and v.hot. Just how I like it.
  2. I finally got the A Heartwell Ending album, and its good, though not had a chance to listen to much of it.
  3. My old number has finally transferred to my new phone. Woo. I'm in business
  4. I got my second 19" monitor today in ze post. Now I have awesomeness incarnate in the visual department.
  5. My PC randomly started working again, who knows how or why. I won't question it.
  6. I got my second monitor! It's sexual! Wooo
  7. I worked for a bit in the Cafe Ritazza earlier today and got some washing done


Anonymous 11:45 pm  

Omg, yay for heads with sieve-retainability! Or, at least, woe, I share your pain. Also, pants for crashing computers. Lately, mine has taken a fancy to flashing bright blue (the screen, obviously, not the entire laptop...) and then just dying on me. It's becoming a tad annoying...

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