Starting a campaign against saving the daylight

Though I suspect I'd regret that, cos I do like my daylight. I just also need my sleep. How did my plan go yesterday you ask? Well I reply, craply. I lost. *le sigh*

Right. So what would you do if ur kitchen bin has maggots in it?... I'm thinking of leaving it and running away? Or I could pour hot water in there *ponders* Some of them appear to be on my floor as well. Dammit.

Luckily I found a dust pan and brush...
And defeated their perimeter defenses, with one eye kept on their castle fort (bin). As any cub scout will tell you, "fuck off you old twat". With that in mind, I was luckily well prepared and had a pre-boiled kettle at hand....
Then Act 3 was a toilet scene, but for common decency I will not show that before the watershed you lucky lucky folk, much to Sam's dismay I'm sure. Ah... the life and times of me. This is how I don't get any.... SHIT PASTA... phew, its oki, and I have a nice caeser tuna salad now with no maggots in. At least I can't see any.


Anonymous 1:53 pm  

but wasn't your ceaser salad dressing off?? its not ur day is it lovly! oh and by the way MAGGOTS THATS DISTUSGING!! or however you spell it...can you go and check my kitchen incase they have built a fort in there aswell??

Tommeh 5:41 pm  

there's no chance of me going in your kitchen. If mine has maggots, imagine yours!

Anonymous 11:29 pm  


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