Guest poster today:

Today we have kindly been joined by Mr Irony, to deliver a post of the up most staggering quality:

Interestingly, while utilising what is commonly known as "Orange Wednesdays" for the purpose of extrapolating two motion picture tickets, to allow admission to the artistic venture known as 300, for the price of one of these aforementioned motion picture tickets, we were approached by a sprightly young lad in the employment of Vue Entertainment. He announced to us if we may partake in a scheme that had recently commenced, with which members of the proletariat may act as watchers on behalf of Vue Entertainment's work force. These chosen few should assist, with limited enthusiasm, the act of observing the fellow motion picture viewing ensemble to assess for unscrupulous members of the community who greatly despise Copyright legislation. If these selected outlaws of society are found wanting in possession of image recording apparatus and paraphernalia then hence forth the chosen spectators will report, with much haste, the preceding act of treasonous villainy to the nearest authoritative figure in the employment of Vue Entertainment. On completion of the task in hand, irregardless of eventfulness of the specified duration of observation, Vue Entertainment will relinquish the treasure-like assets of two motion picture tickets for any moving image production in the continual future.

So in conclusion, we got 4 tickets for the price of 1. Shay zam mon ami, shay zam.


Anonymous 2:16 am  

You know, I could have sworn that I commented on this post, cause I was showing off that I'd actually understood what you were talking about...only now I can't be bothered to remember what I wrote to achieve that, so shall just settle with 'Word' *nods*

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