I be teh smellage in the diskoteque

but no worries hombres. Have u noticed that u always manage to do the most stupid things when there's a hot girl nearby? I have, for instance pouring the contents of a bottle of water into your right lung, and then attempting not to cough or choke before subtly exiting the vicinity. I survived luckily, ah well, snakes on a plane.

recently work still been on la agenda as u all suspected I fear - holy crap I left my pasta boiling while I was in the shower... to the clothes applier!

ah its fine, now gotta wait for it to cool so I can quickly fridge it and then go to campus till late, then see Ice age 2 2nite, woooooooo, or some such expletive, honk.

time to write the post thats actually before this one, hawhaw

Profound thoughts of the moment

"Inferring is only obvious in the eye of the inferer" - gramatically shocking

"Nice guys finish last, but at least we can see your ass from here" - less profound


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