and so the saga continues

you may be thinking "why hasn't the great and fantastic person that is Tom posted anything on his blog for a while?" well he prolly has but ur looking at this blog instead of his, foolios. Anyway work yada yada yah

In other news I've become totally addicted to Reboot, which is annoying as there's only 4 episodes left and then I'll have watched them, people gotta get them, they so awesome and funny. Loads of computing terminology (not that that's cool) used as everyday words and so many parodies, like Evil Dead, X-files, Indiana Jones etc There's even a musical recap at the end of season 3

so I've decided I've got the 3D modelling bug, and I gonna FSU for my modelling project. Plus sometime in my spare time I wanna model all of reboot so I can do some mini eps or just sommit to look cool.

Recently I've been eating mega healthy which is good, apart from lettuce keeps fecking freezing in the fridge, not a good look. Tho I been gettin up at like 7-8 in the morning every day which is impressive all round, I did flake out at 9.45 or something last night tho, error.

Finally I had a dream last night Iwas in a zoo, but it was a special zoo for animals with tourettes...which was odd and even I was confused in the dream. Though then a big spider jumped on my neck and I was like grrr... there was a dolphin involved somewhere.

Profound Thought of the Moment:

"If we spend all our life living, doesn't that mean we spend all our death dying?" - a less profound thought by me


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