Friday's Child was made of snow, his frozen hands hurt more than you will ever know

Met Rex and Shing in the maze of a station that is Canary Wharf. We wibbled around attempting to find the pub that we were going to met John at, while I stood out like a ragamuffin gangsta foo'. Damn suits. Found the pub eventually, we were all like "sup" beer me up. Asim was there as well, and we met one of their friends, Katie (from ameriland). Then some beer happened and all 3 of us somehow got quite merry/drunk after 2 beers so we did declare "to the food good sir", to which no one replied, so we mosaicked to the Slug and Lettuce. Another beer and an excellent Thai Green Curry in banana tree leaf later, we grappled with the tube system and went to see John's flat. Which is amazingly swish, though he pays 720 a month!!! We chill played with their awesome cat Kiwi, I decided to get some more beer which I didn't really drink. In an attempt to get back all the tubes started shutting down, so we fucked the police and got a black taxi back, for just 6 English pounds each.



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