Reading with friends

Not the verb but the place, you fools! HA HA. Anyway, after some day time tomfoolery, much of which I cannot remember, I drove my lovely car down to the abode of Kirsty, and after some confusion outside her house, I knocked and she lived there and all was right. Cracked open the beers, and young Joffery arrived, and we hugged, and kissed, and anal sexed, and everyone was happy, and Kirsty had some good footage. Waited until Kirsty's friend, Hannah, got there, and we cracked out some pizza and garlic bread. A few more beers and gin later, and we grabbed a taxi into central reading, for a fancy cocktail in a bar, where we pwned the bartender with a animated gif that Ad sent me of someone doing "you mum". Excellent.

Moving swiftly on, we found a public house, and began drinking in earnest, though pretty quickly the girls got swarmed by guys in the cockfest that was O'neils. After a few bevvys, and sitting down, amongst loads of firemen swarming round the girls, some guy the size of the Tower of London, wanted to arm wrestle me, though not too threatening, just pissed and wouldn't shut up. So I was like "sure, thrash me, whatever", well 10 minutes later he still couldn't win, and I'd got him further down than he got me (ahem) anyway, and so we both agreed a draw, and he was like d'oh. Anyway....

Next we moved on to a rockie pub for emo kids, and the such, and Hannah, Joff and I chilled on a sofa watching the kids go by as Kirsty "chatted" with a fireman friend. Eventually we exited, Hannah got a cab home, Joff and I ate some awesome burger and chips, while Kirsty and Martin (the fireman), admired the architecture of the nearby Cathedral....

Joff and I capped off the evening by sharing a cosy double bed. Yum.


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