Things I have or haven't done

Monday: Watched insane amounts of smallville, pretty good, kind of want to know what happens next, though according to all sources Lex isn't in the next series?! Main problem is, smallville keeps me up till 4am every morning, so I wake up late. Bad Tom.

Tuesday: Today I applied for a bank job. Hopefully I was more productive than just that.

Wednesday: Went to see the Dark Knight with Shing in the Finchley Road O2 centre, rex had a hurtie tummy so didn't come with us. Had a v.nice baguette and cheesecake in spoons before hand. Dark Knight is awesome, though kind of wish everyone hadn't hyped it up so much before hand. Still was very good.

Thursday: This evening we went to Asda after various amounts of confrontational drama that I tried to hide from. Still got lots of food. Played Spore a bit, its alright but a bit boring and repititive. Russ got drunk


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