Things I miss (written before travelling)

  • Zoe wearing my Four Star Mary hoodie
  • The A303 drive
  • Ritazza sessions with Maddie
  • Kitchen dancing with Nick
  • The Midnight Musketeers
  • Lunches with Dan in the long lounge.
  • Parkcour with Dave
  • Late night/Early morning Esso
  • Afternoon beers in the Ram/Imp beer garden in summer
  • Listening to music in my room with Alex and Becca
  • Watching endless hours of Spaced with Sam
  • Mike and I going to Costa to "read journals"
  • Dancing the night away in whorehouse with Pete
  • Drinking Kronenbourg round Danu's house during 6th form sumemr
  • Post-bombay buffet drives in Rex's cinquecento
  • You.


Anonymous 8:24 pm  

hell yah, we need to synchronise watches for next exeter long lounge lunch. Preferrably after an all nighter.

Unknown 10:15 am  


Unknown 10:15 am  


Unknown 10:15 am  

dans house!

Stuey D 1:37 pm  

So how much of this stuff do you still miss?

Tommeh 1:42 pm  

This and 14 more countries worth.

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