Things I Did Today

  • Booked Fall Out Boy and Death Cab For Cutie tickets
  • Posted a variety of letters
  • Did some serious washing up, as opposed to my normal jovial washing up.
  • Put out rubbish
  • Cleaned bathroom designation #1.
  • Rang the landlord to find there is a man who will fix our mould, and the water pressure will increase, and we weren't meant to get this house, as he told the letting agent not to rent it to us, by the fools didn't listen or something and made a binding legal contract. HA.
  • Moved hoover downstairs.
Yes, I may or may not have been reading off of my to do list there. I also made awesome meatballs, and re-roasted yesterdays roast. Yum. And broke my graphics card/drivers so now sometimes my pc dies/overheats when playing Spore. Pfft. Then I watched too much Top Gear till 4am or so.


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