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Apart from hacking my CV apart haphazardly, I went and met Dan and Rex in Holborn after they finished their so called "jobs". Wandered down to a Pitcher and Piano where we had a Staropramen and a feast. Though the food did take ages to come and the beer was flat, but I managed to look crazy in front of the waitress, as young Danu pointed at what table we were at, and I did a classic tom photo grin to her amusement/confusion. Meatballs and an awesome Hash Brown bowl later, we were nicely surficed, and we tackled the piccadilly line to reach our final destination: Arsenal. Awesome.

Piccadilly was massively packed, but once we finally got to Arsenal and walked to the Stadium, it was an amazing sight. It's HUGE. I didn't bring my good camera so I couldn't really show how awesome it was. Quite a big queue to get in, but we managed to get our really high upper tier seats about 20 seconds after kick off, which wasn't that bad. A surprisingly exciting match, even though only the youngsters were playing, with an average age of 19, they destroyed the ex-premiership Sheffield side. Final score was 6-0, with a hat trick from Vela, 2 from Bendtner, and 1 from Wilshere (who is just 16). A great experience, though my eyes kept expecting replays to be shown when someone scored. We walked to the highbury and Islington station, and after some confusion, got in the entrance, slow but easy journey home. Dan saw our awesome house, and we all crashed.

Oh and my CV turns out to be shit so I need to re do it.


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