Abandonment Issues

So Rex got a job, and hates my face, so has abandoned me. So for once I was excellently proactive, even without the internet. I wrote loads of letters in the morning, and sent them off. I deposited a number of checks and bought a security chest to sort out all my post in. I did some sneaky facebook usage, and not on my phone, even though I have an unlimited net plan on it now. I also got a cheap printer from Wilcos, it's a HP all in one shazam, and was just 29.99. Brilliant.

I also got a haircut in the Elvis barbers at the end of the road. I now look eastern european much to my dismay. Turns out it wasn't as bad as I first made out. In the evening I cooked an epic amount of rice, and Shing brought duck and various other chinese meats for a very nice meal with the house mates, Viv, Junella, Anthony (or greg as we like to know him) and Jackie. I cooked slightly too much rice. Viv and Junella brought lots of cake as well. Yummy. Spent the evening watching crazy chinese films with the fighting and the such like. Surprisingly good.


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