Here are some things that aren't great:

Your car being stolen.

So you ring up the police, and say. "Hey my car appears not to be where I left" to which they ask "Where might that be young man" to whence I reply "Out side my house" to Wither they reply "O Rly?, have you checked with TrackingGaMacking Jenkins" to Womble I reply, "Yes and it was not there yet" and so on, until after various phone calling all day I find out by mid afternoon that my car was towed.

This is why the lazy never prosper.

So it resulted in me getting a taxi. Because I hadn't learnt from my laziness, and because it was 3 miles away and not near public transport, to the Inpound Lot. I then filled out various forms, hacked up someones face, blah blah blah, paid £250, got my car back, and ended up where I started. Except 250 smackers down and my car halfway to West Ham, which is wear the nearest parking space of freedom is. I need a permit.

Plus the ticket machine outside doesn't work.


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