Thames Festival

Felt a bit like someone janked in my tank from a 65 metre bank this morning, possibly a horrible combination of beer, and no food initially. Or I'm just shit. Spent a little bit of time recovering in the morning, then left quick march, with Shing and Rex to meet Shing's friend, Boon, at the railway station of Stratford. Some DLR action to Bank then we walked to southwark bridge, where we heard the food section of the festival was occurring. Huge range of food stalls, so I had some chilli chips, a sausage roll and a bbq'd sweetcorn. Met up with Jacky, then powered towards Tower Bridge to the beginning of the festival. Lots of little stalls selling all sorts of things that people like Shing buy ;) Pretty cool, there was also a huge whale, which was apparently filled with children on closer inspection, it also appeared some ageing bald guy had an ever closer look as he emerged from the whales 'slit' looking far too happy with himself. And he had his wang in a small boy. Whoa that was uncalled for. Sorry kids.

Anyway, Shing blackmailed some people into giving her helium balloons, and she rang half of Shropshire in her crazy voice. Then she took some helium and rang the rest of Shropshire. HA HA. Lollerskates, that's right kids, I'm back on form. Anyway, Rex the alcoholic made us get a pint of organic beer each, well one was a pilsner and one was regular, which we switched halfway through. Quite nice actually. Along the way there were various performances (such as punch and judy), live music etc. After more wandering along the Thames, we became peckish, and munched some epic Hog rolls, and saw some boat race people go by. Had a pint in a nice pub, on the Thames, Boon headed off and I got a sausage roll, as I couldn't stop eating. Onwards, and we came across an amazingly choreographed Korean fighting comedy, which we watched for a while. Some great moves and lots of laughs, just very hard to see over the crowd, even for someone of my great stature.

Finally came to what I was waiting for, the Parkour/Parcore/Free Running section, which had Urban Freeflow showing off some moves, including blue devil, which was pretty dope. Unfortunately, show was just come to an end, but was still sweet. Dave, we need to Parkour. Go.

Anyway, Shing then bought a cool hoodie, and we walked across the river, while taking some epic photos of the city I love with every fibre of my being. Had a nice walk to meet up with John and his brother in a tucked away pub off of Carnaby Street. A few nice beers, some people (who weren't me I add) threw up, and then we headed back to our humble abode. Great day. I love London.


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