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David Hulbert 9:45 pm  

Have you asked Google for different peoples theories? tries to explain a bit, but it doesn't really make 100% sense, even if you know the Bible.

I believe there was no suffering, then because humans decided to "rebel", the world had to change to cope with it, as that was the only thing that could logically happen. That doesn't make complete sense either.

In conclusion: keep asking questions, one day there'll be an answer.

If you believe in an afterlife, then natural disasters are only an abrupt end to this life.

Another possibility is that a natural disaster could kill the next Hitler, though doing that doesn't sound very God-like to me.

It is possible that if everyone in the World chose not to sin, then there would be no suffering, though there's no way to test this.

Islam seems to say that suffering is caused by human sin (like Christianity does), but that on average there is more good than bad, so it's ok. Christianity says accept Jesus as your saviour and you'll have limitless life (no suffering).

I think Jews think suffering is caused by human sin, but one day there will be a messiah, who will save everyone.

Jehovas Whitnesses (crazy IMO) believe Earth is being transformed into heaven as we speek, so suffering will slowly disappear.

Mormons believe God will come to Earth again and save us from suffering by letting us all be gods of our own solar systems, which sounds nice.

Scientologists, well... only Xenu knows really.

Tommeh 9:48 pm  

This cartoon isn't actually meant to show my opinion or anything. It's stereotypical emo, and teeters on the absurd. In fact I think people who give up their faith in god, at least in the christian sense, after something tragic in the their life, obviously don't understand the faith they thought they had, because Christianity explains all of what the flower-hat guy said in the comic.

Tommeh 9:49 pm  

especially as I don't wake up with "raw hate pulsating through my veins"?!?!?!!

Unknown 12:12 pm  

Yea!! raw hate!! wooo!! honk!!

David Hulbert 11:20 am  

"Raw hate pulsating through my veins" would make for some good song lyrics:

raw hate pulsating through my veins
i hate life and all my other pains
after the moon waxes, then it wanes
i also hate zombies, they eat my brains
the greatest of my hates has to be trains

I could go on. Maybe tomorrow.

David Hulbert 10:11 pm  

that is, apart from planes

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