It turns out

I left myself some very cryptic clues as to what I was up to today, apparently some form of pain was had, which I can only imagine was brought on by alcohol, so whatever I did participate in the previous day must have involved some laughable shizwaz. Needless to say we got a roast. I'm not sure how, possibly via a public house. I don't really remember. There was some walking involved apparently, and my back. Or we came back. WAIT! I remember. I was in Reading. We did some walking which was awesome, amongst canals. And I felt like jank. And threw up lots. And the roast was nice. And something. The photo of the canal is in the last post as my continuity is messed up. A little bit. Anyway....

When I arrived back at the house, we waited a bit, then Nina came back, made us awesome pasta, possibly with sausuage, as it was her last night here, or in fact she left that night. We drank various wines and substances, before sleeping soundly.


Don't shout.


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