Succinct mind pockets

This I have done in the past few days:

  • Sunday: Recover from the night before, excellent bacon feast, people slowly departed, someone had sex in their face and we failed to go to the cinema in the end. So instead we played Cod4 on the Xbox till late afternoon, when the twits went home and a sense of normality resumed.
  • Tuesday: My awesome argos wardrobe came, and the fantastic team of Rex and I spent 2 hours and 45 minutes building it. Handles won't go on :(
  • Wednesday: Rex and I bust into Liverpool st, Rex stabbed up some recruitment agencies, and we met Danu for lunch, excellent Gourmet burger.
  • Thursday: Lovely BT man came, and broke into my wall via a metal spinning contraption. Hooked us all up, instant line, but we have to wait till wednesday next week for O2 to do our internet :(. Nina randomly arrived a few days early!


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