Tufts of retinal scanning

The past few days have been inconsistently existential. On Wednesday, I saw the worst film ever created by anyone, anywhere, called The Romance of Astea and Caledon, or whatever. I got paid £55 for it though, still shit. Thursday and Friday probably involved a mixture of wasting my life, watching shows, washing up, cleaning, cooking, and doing your mum over and over in the back of a Clio. I don't think I even know anyone with a Clio. On the Friday, Raffle came back, so our house's energy flow finally become balanced.

On thursday I spent the entire day cooking a steak and mushroom pie, including veg, from my book. Twas pretty epic, I got away with doing many things wrong, such as not having enough time for cooking, and cooling down, as it would take 6 hours altogether, and I took about 2 hours, but it was all good. Threw it all together in a pie, then I had far too much pastry left over, so threw our very old eating apples in a pie, and laughed manically at the foolishness I used, including the wrong type of flour, sugar, lack of butter, and possibly other quandaries. Pie was surprisingly good actually, and we had it with waffles. Apple pie was alright, it had an awesome pastry apple design on top, but the use of eating apples wasn't perfect. I was quite proud of myself though. Pie was for dinner on friday as well. KABLAM.


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