A Wifi Stratford

"Mayor Boris Johnson has said he wanted London to become "a wi-fi city", where the internet was available anywhere.

"Let's do it, beginning in Stratford in this fantastic area of opportunity," he told BBC London 94.9, referring to the location of the main 2012 Olympic site." source


David Hulbert 2:56 pm  

It's available across most of Bournemouth town centre, though yuo ahve to pay most palces. Will prob be the same in London.

WiMax is the way forward. Or cheaper 3G tarrifs.

Tommeh 3:18 pm  

Loads of places in london have wifi, but nearly everywhere you have to pay, or subscribe to Cloud or Bt OpenFace or something. In New York, there is so much free wifi, the whole of central park has it!

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