Are you reading this?

 I used to post without the concept that what I wrote meant anything.... The older I get it feels like every word might be important, but also irrelevant. I'm scared to say I need or want a creative outlet, even writing this makes me feel cumbersome and lacking my previous frivolity with the English language. I still like Cajun fries though.

Do you feel like the air is thicker? Just sit there and consider every single molecule that exists around you. It's heavy man.

I think that's okay? Sometimes the world is heavier, but we're older and stronger. We understand the context and we can bare that. And if we're not, that's fine as well. I just wanna feel the world, I wanna (and do) feel loved, I wanna be aware.

I wanna be aware.


Stuey D 9:04 pm  

I am. It does. It's OK. You are.

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