Do you remember that time,

when I was like .... and you were like.... and after an small interuption we had kippers, and then Sid Vicious was like "Put that spoon down, I've had enough". To which we replied, between smirks and jovial glances, "Oh Sid, your ecentric ways are so devoid of the post-hardcore mind set that we all expect, pass the scones". Though unbeknownst to us, the scones had run out part way through the last century, and a flurry of resulting conflict confirmed this, leaving much of the devastation we see before us right now. No matter, we carried on our merry way, dropping coins to the paupers and conducting informed debates with passing monks on the very crux of the buddhist way of life, in relation to globalisation and the current decline in economic tides. No sooner had we achieved, what in our own subjective mindset appeared to be, enlightenment, than we became hidiously paranoid in terms of the whole juxtaposition of the situation, and lightly refused dessert.

Luckily times have changed, but I still look back with an odd envy at the naive boy I used to be.


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