A splattering of thoughts

  • Girls are far better at 1) remembering to take photos 2) posing for photos AND they are useful in the sense that you can take photos for no reason but can blame it on them. Classic
  • Why is it that mossies will attack you, non stop, for about 20 minutes, then suddenly give up on you? Have I run outta blood? Where's the commitment? Where's the love?
  • Why have I signed myself up to a night of reading dive manuals when the level of humidity is like that time Zeus hot-boxed his outhouse by boiling up all his succubis?
  • Why do no websites have the powerful search tools I required to properly use them?
  • I think I've lost of my lyrical prowess, what small amount I had to begin with.
  • My hair is out of control and the number one culprit in my water loss problems.
  • Get funky on the dance floor and show be a better bop than the bop I got...
  • "Don't bangkok too hard" - Dan Dan Icelandic Dan


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