Last nite

twas awesome! I shall break it down for u homeys... I got drunk.

We started in rileys playing pool, with stu there, who I thrashed soundingly at pool, twas 4-2 in the end, though the alcohol had got to me at that point, otherwise would have been 5-1 obviously. Then once we ran away from stu, we skipped down to where the place is with the fish in it, but we got scared cos we're not posh enough, so we went in urban surfer, which was awesome to watch the world trundle by. Then off the spoons, where we drank lots and talked random crap for a lot of the time. Then we went to some crazy pub across the road, where we made to much noise and were lucky we didn't get chucked out really. Following this we all went "dar" and went to kfc where we ate all their hot wings and we had to bargin with them to get some cool crispy ness... man i love kfc

Following this we went home and I harrassed spuddle for a while, and talked to ruffle on my phone for so long it overheated and turned off.....Thats a lesson to all u k750i owners who talk while charging.

In other news, I'm a bit damp, and I hope nick don't come in cos I'm mostly naked... best to get some clothes on.... oh and I think I'm marrying Jade with mike and nick has bridesmaids. I think Dave may be jealous of her.

my hand hurts from typing now - oh and people stop sending emails to my hotmail, I barely ever use it! Use my Gmail, if you don't know it ask.



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