oki oki oki

oki dammit I gonna start this again, however I'm so out of date and u know me I'm more lazy than a rasher of bacon in mexico... yeah work that out... so he's bullet points of blah blah blah oh god there's a penny....:

  • Been to Exeter twice in car! with loads of things, and lots of poolage! Me and dave frolocked, followed by Mike and Nick frolockin avec me
  • Louis has ringworm and some other disease that makes skin go like that dude at the end of robocop. bonus.
  • Went to Hasting with the orpington posse, much good fun, even though I was hungover
  • Drank way to much Aftershock with Dan most days.
  • Had a HUUUUUGE curry with ruffle and adam, where lots of grease was injested, twas awesome
  • Was put to slave labour building a path, woo
  • Finally came down to Exeter permanetly, where we've done very little and just sat watchign tv and drunkin bevies
Wait, what are all the poles doing in russia? Holding up the phone wires! gaffaw.


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