light sabers and phones to boot

Well I promised you light sabers and thats what u'll get.

I went to bed at some sorta decent time and I'm thinkin of going to the gym this morning before I run out of energy. Dammit why are there tampons everywhere.

Also my phone seems to have some sort of magnet inside it which attracts damage. Starting to get so battered now, I might just forget the case I bought, cos the few times I take it out, I get drunk and it falls and chips and stuff. All very distressing. I may get a 512mb memory card for it as well, bout 45 quid these days.

Brekkie time, though I'll put some clothes on first don't worry.

Also, Nick was spanking me yesterday with a large foam device, I think this was due to my excellence at our new cricket/stone throwing hybrid game. Which involves throwing stones at a person with a plate, who then has to hit them and yada.


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