craig david all over your flip floo

or sommit, k so I been lazy again, mike blew up our router and we couldn't get a stable net connection.

Lots of stuff has happened, everyone's here now! We played lots of squash, lots of drunkard shinanigans, we broke our door so we could kick it open, but thats fixed. While doing this our door bell flew across hall, so we tied wires together and posted it through stu's letter box and ran. Much funny. Me and nick went down some secret path and ended in someone's back garden and had to run from a security light. Freshers Arena was more packed than the party in my pants, at 9.10!!! luckily we hacked vip tickets by texting them. We went to new spoons like every day for 2 weeks. And I bought a bottle of Smokey Jims which is interesting.

Bulliet Bourbon is the most amazing bourbon ever, try it fools... very smooth. I keep ringing random people when I am drunk, so sorry, stu/ad/russ/anyone else. I have not confessed my love for anyone yet, apart from maybe mike/nick/dave, so its all good.

Oh and my bank account is lower than my jeans and we got told off for gettin on someones roof near walkabout, but damn we missed the wurzels. Freshers Squash tomorrow!

Drunkardness = homoeroticism for some reason.

CatchPhrase of Culverland Road: "To The Bar!"


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