Road Trip!!!

To the park of so called Thorpe! mwahaha..

...Argh its a mike, oooh its a mike, with the crafty tongue attack, gunf onwards dave..

...with the sly and cunning of a hippo nick moves in for the kill...

As someone may have guessed in shrewsbury we went to Thorpe Park yesterday, and what an adventure it twas. I got up at 5.45!!!, thats approximetly 5 days earlier than I normally get up, and proceed to the Car mobile, and so leaving about 7... d'oh, with great skill and intrigue the Dave managed to get to thorpe park even though certain oil devices were failing upon his car.

We met Jade and Lisa finally, so they knew how horrendous I looked from the numerous phone calls, and everything was peachy. We then hacked up thorpe park and got in for half-price thanks to (plug plug plug socket). Unfortunatly the fact that:

1. I look shifty
2. I was wearing (although a surfer one) a hoody
3. I came through the gates going "'eeeeeeeeyyy" to pete

me and pete got searched for suspicious things, including old manuscripts, bionic pets and a smell of orange zest.

Finally into the park, we ploughed through nearly all the rides, awesomely, not having to wait that long for anything really. Rides there are incredibly awesome, especially the samurai, which made me destroy my left leg, and Colossos, which was also of the wooo variety. Plus we got to go at the front. we also slotted a pizziara buffet inbetween all this excitement, and went on the tea cup, in which we petrified the dude waving frantically at him when swinging close to him, mainly due to lisa being mean to him!

Afterwards we (well mainly dave) drove all the way to winborne, and to a pub where we again met jade and lisa and were like dang diggy dang da dang da dang diggy diggy, back with the rap trap the bomb jiggy jiggy. Very nice pub, nick managed to not drink and I just had 1. good boy tom.

Finally we drove back to the "crib" and were like woo, sleep, nrgh, plarf, whey!



Rex 11:07 am  

Mr Tom,
You went to Thorpe Park without coming to see me?!! We be about the length of a particularly long banana from Thorpe Park!

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