so bored of bloggin

very hard to get myself to do it, but I shall endevour!!..

This week I have mainly been not drinking, playing squash and reading my modelling book in the starbucks on campus which we have finally found, wooo!

Last night we went to the physics soc cos chloe was scared of cheese or them or sommit, which ended in us being the coolest people in the room for once, and mike drinkin so much his eyes were like "nargh I'm ears" or something. And therefore he bought a kfc family sex bucket. twas epic.

In other news me and dave have decided we are gonna create super-humans and cure all genetic diseases. We're gonna put hash codes into cells to stop mutations, and also we're gonna program dna so that instead of creating proteins, it creates some sort of metal (adamantium?) to cover cells and hence make us super. Dave also discovered how to speed up the internet, and I finished my modelling book. Bioinformatics now woo..

James Blunt- Goodbye My Lover, incredible song, damn u zoe for telling me about it!

Also I just ate 7 bananas and I think thats dangerously dangerous, aRGH!

finally, I still not got a project to do, I so gonna die, oh and finally finally, new Smallville is incredible, download it u muppets.


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