Dave's Birthday fun

Totally hectic night overall, feeling highly bad today,

twas dave's birthday as u may have guessed, and what better way to say woo than to give him a box full of crickets! and of course alcohol and general chaos devices....

Then it was off and onto pub golf, which probably was an error, as soon drunkardness had set in amazingly well. A final ending of us makign everyone in new spoons look scared and bit like. and I started complaining about them not giving me water and saying i was gonna die on the spot!.

Damn good fun though, except not feeling great now.

UPDATE: oh wait just remembered after everything, me pete chloe et dave started jumping on each other and tables and things from microwaves in front room. This soon resulted in the table (which was makeshift luckily) smashing, along with glasses and plates, and Tom (me!) getting glass in my arse and bleeding lots, and other injuries occuring. Much much fun!


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