voip be up buster

see what i did there? if not go here for free calls to Many a country.

oh and if you live in america and/or the Nedarlands (yah I'm down wit the lingo) then I apologise for any scary prank phone calls u may have had which may have consisted of the words "hard gas", "crumpa" "Porn" etc.

Anyway, you foolios should check out my dual monitor sexual setup, its kinda useful in a geeky "my god I have no life" way.

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Oh also we got Xmas Tree up and lights up finally! bet you all thought we were getting slack didn't you, well never fear the dustman, for he has seen more things than a fragile mortal has.


David Hulbert 2:11 am  

wow! thats some pretty cool road construction safety equipment. tho i prefer lighthouse extraction prevention tools. theres lots of blogs on them + you can search!

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