holy stringtokenizer batman!

yup its that time of year again, time to be a code monkey, however yesterday even though I spent most the day attempting to code I paniked too much and failed completely:

Yesterdays Code Status: Code Mud
Today's Predicted Code Status From How Well I'm Doing At The Moment Wibble Wibble Whoops Where's My Thribble: Code Mole

Furthermore I've gotta go to colchester tomorrow, on a fecking coach, man I hate coaches more than apple juice... wait maybe that's pushing it.

ARGH, I've got to get my dissertation in by end of term. what the Fudgicles? also I suddenly in the mood for trance, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM etc. awesome. oh btw far2narf.co.uk works again, wippie!
unfortunatly I have no exciting or humourous things to say today :(.

Holy crap dust men are here, to the bar!, plus we saw wallace and gromit yesterday, totally awesome, go watch it fools!

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"Hello, I'm the toast king and Craig David's all over my.....boing" - The Toast King


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