bbqing winter wonderland

Awesome, can't beat bbq'd chicken, sausages and potatos, excellent work children....

Current Stubblyness: Dangerously fuzzy.

crab people, crab people, taste like crab, look like people, crab people, crab people

New south park (I broke the dam...I broke the damn.....NO! I BROKE THE FUCKING DAM, I LITEREALLY BROKE THE DAM! ON A BOAT! THAT WASN'T MINE! I KEPT IT SECRET FOR 2 DAYS! THE BOAT CAUGHT ON FIRE AND IT EXPLODED!... I broke the damn...Ah fuck it.) and new Lost, excellent work by all... Smallville tomorrow! parteh.

didn't do much today except spend 3 hours failing to fix Sam's pc, though prolly makin it worse, gotta go back and fix it 2moz.

Woo bioinformatics tomorrow, better sleep so I wake up and untangle my bed from my lushious beard....


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