Double U, Tea, F mate!

and so here's Pete, Louis and Dave having way too much fun on one sofa.

We Lemmy Quized it up last night with the skill only someone of inadequate vitamin composition has, unfortunatly there were a bunch of loud bastards (or was that us?) that beat us, but second place ain't bad... except we missed winning a dvd player by a point.

Dave won head jam though, and won....a really wtf ?

In other news, Chloe was more hammered than the masscre at the 1984 Nail convention. Luckily only minor co-stars got badly injured, however cars splashing people who are drunk and unaware is so funny my umbrella decided to self combust, so all I could use it for was a shield or some sort of teenage mutant hero turtle type shell. error.

I gotta see me homey Corne today, and be like sup foolio, project me up white boy....

now on to the party ->


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