wow that was shit wasn't it

but if I don't mention it u'll never know....

Firstly let me bring to your attention that although people who create trojan things that brick PSPs are evil.......yet its soooo funny when u see it happen to someone.

Apparently there's a new trend in dissing your doctors on blogs, and although this leads to being sued, I think I should join in......Damn you Dr Robotnik!

A movie about a japanese homicidal sexbot? not in my parteh you won't

The eels are mega tight awesome, thing I may have mentioned that before, but I didn't use such a l lack lustre word as tight, I may change it to awesome

Current Stubble Factor: Forest-Like in texture

Professor Booshank's Definitions:

Anime: A secret Japanese word really meaning special porn. The specialness factor is define by the amount of skool girls/strict bdsm/freaky shit/rape scenes in the afformentioned media.


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