Seventy times 7, or sommit

Word, we drank to the pub, monday whiskey backdoor impy....

bet that made sense, so once more we failed in not drinkin, and didn't go to tesco either, for a detailed report check out this around here

We didn't get to bed till like 4.30, which was hectic, I blame stu mostly, though he got bitten and strangled by chloe, so he won't be back for a few weeks, mwahhahaha.. dammit I didn't get of bed till 2pm!

Furthermore, I did like no work and its raining so much here its like I'm underthesea, or some such palava. Don't worry though I've watched all superman films now, and on a scale of 1 to awesome, they generally rate as Jank in the afformentioned Tank.

ARGH, there's a dude lookin at me from the other side of the road, lets kill him nick!


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