The N8XX debacle

Well kids, as your favourite gadget-whore, my extensive research and impulse obsessions have once more confounded my best decision making abilities. As mentioned before I'm thinking of getting the n810, however, there is also the n800 around.
Reasons why the n800 may be worse?

  • No hardware Qwerty keyboard
  • No GPS
  • Comes with OS 2007
  • Slightly bigger
Why it may be better
  • OS 2007 runs more apps than 2008 currently, plus u can upgrade.
  • Clock speed increase not much
  • FM Radio
  • An extra SD slot, so can transfer between SD cards.
  • Everything else is same, including screen res, touch screen, ram, wireless etc etc.
  • It's actually out already, so has firmware fixes.
What's the price difference u ask? well has the n800 for £150 (tho it's a pre-order for a 9th Nov release?!). The n810, when released, is likely to be £280, possibly more as play lists it as £499.99?! Interesting. On top of this, for that price difference I can get a sexy digital camera I've been looking at, the Casio EX-Z1050. Which is £122 and uses SD cards like the N8XX. It's also mega sexy.

Then again I probably don't need an internet tablet. But I'm not that clever.


David Hulbert 1:59 pm  

You can prob use a £25 bluetooth GPS thing with the N800. Check eBay.

N810 for about £250:

Ironkey looks nice, though can't you do the same software stuff for free?

Kath 6:46 pm  

Highly recommend the Casio Exlim Tom - I got the Z60 a couple of years back and it's the awesome.

Tommeh 6:50 pm  

yah, I have a Z4B at the moment, and it's served me well, though it's four years old

Michael 8:40 pm  

Nice. I was considering getting the Sony Cybershot W80 for £110ish but is this Casio better? I suppose it has more megapixels (10 vs. 7.2) but I read the review on and it says it is slow to use and movie quality is poor. Admittedly the W80 has poor movie mode as well but what are you going to do!

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