O' Rly?

Right, I'm going to have to step in now, this is getting embarrasing. You should be reading http://ameriland.blogspot.com, it's where all the "cool-cats" hang out and kick out some blues. Here's an extract:

As he staggered down the dark, dank tunnel of his soul, he happened across a cryptic clue scrawled across the wall, it read,

"...never was there a worse sight
than that of his pickled wife...

A thought glimmered briefly across his face at the sudden realisation that he had awoke something far worse than he had previously imagined. With a primal dread, he took out the bunny slippers from his dew soaked pocket, and realised the awful truth.

It really wasn't butter."

For more intriguing insights of a tom in the land of america please keep your eyes and genitals glued to ameriland.blogspot.com. Once this journey of sensual racial dismemberment concludes, this blog will recommence full time. Following this, I may clone ameriland and slam it in here, depending on the quality of it's content. I may spice it up as well. This all assumes I am granted infinite time with which to achieve such magic.

Now away with you, you cloud my vision with your vile opinions and despicable mannerisms. Be gone!


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