A Lesson To Be Learned

Okay kids, I know I'm not meant to be blogging on here really, but I have a techie rant. Who here uses Internet Exploiter Explorer? If you put your hands up, firstly why? I can't see you, and secondly, you good sir or madam, are a fool. Let's take this case example:

The hostel I am currently in uses Internet Explorer, a mixture of the latest one and an earlier version (I can't remember the numbers). Anyway, on the latest version, it managed to ENTIRELY destroy the computer from the inside out, and the guy had to do some crazy remote restarting of the computer, and that didn't even work. Then I moved to this machine, where it has an older non-tabbed IE, well just handling one webpage was apparently too much for it, so it promptly crashed after about 6 minutes. Now, although Firefox may take up your's, your mum's and your entire neighbourhood's RAM sometimes, at least it doesn't crash as much. At least for me. Then again I seem to be able to make everything crash. Case example:

On the Virgin Atlantic plane over to the states, they have an awesome computer thing in the back of each seat where u can choose films, tv shows to watch, radio stations to listen to and games to play, as well as see where in the world the plan is on a map. Well obviously, as I was using it, in a humourous yet predictable event I crashed it in the most amazing manner, the error message on the black linux screen than came up was:

Kernal panic: Attempt to kill init.

The woman was quite good natured about my destructive nature towards computers, yet my suggestion of "recompiling the kernal" didn't help matters... So the point to this post can be divided into two main thrusting elements:

1) Internet Explorer is the poorest coded, clunky heap of junk for browsing the internet
2) I rulz teh 'puterz!


Michael 9:31 am  

One word = Safari.

Anonymous 4:33 pm  

Hehe..one dude who sat next to me once oin the plane cos some complimentary duty free stuff cos of breakdown of screen...


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