Happy Christmas you crazy bastards

Hope everyone had fun and was not involved in any form of genocide, thievery or politically motivated chocolate scandals. I was thinking about creating a profound christmas message similar to how the Queen lays it down each year, but I decided it wouldn't matter what I said anyway, plus it would increase my tally of "advice I don't follow myself". However, I'll jam these words into your over-stuffed throbbing cortexes, even though many people may declare me sir Wrong of Wrong-a-lot with a degree in Wronging from the University of Incorrectus.

These days, the Christmas holidays, and even Christmas day itself is not a solely religious holiday anymore, just as it began many moons ago as the crazy winter solstice or some other festival, many people just celebrate the idea of celebrating. Celebrate in the commercialism, and the stories of santa, and reindeer, and turkey, and television, and queen speeches, and good will and peace. And the point is. Thats. Not. Wrong. Neither is celebrating a purely christian Christmas. Or celebrating a version of Christmas if you're of another faith or have no faith or even follow the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The "holiday season" as some politically correct folk like to call it, though as we're English we'll call it Christmas, has far exceeded religious encompassment, which although many people cry foul about I don't think it's bad. This isn't some rant about religion being evil or anything, it's just Christmas has become a time for generic enjoyment and everyone needs a bit of that.

Well that sounded all far too profound and rambling. Hush now.


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