Reactions to my antics on Saturday:

Tommeh: I blame you for me drinking a crate and a half of beer at a party filled with predominately gay men...
Pete: Don't blame me for you being violated by a burly homo named Manuel, you bring these things upon yourself

Shing: he did like u
Tommeh: it reminds me of the time when the gods showered me with terrible rage and vengence

Tommeh: your photos hurt my soul
Shing: now would tht be poor quality of pics or compromising positions?
Tommeh: surprisingly my concern about the quality of afformentioned pix is somewhat minor, compared to all other concerns I have
Tommeh: mainly the fact that such photos exist and of course compromising positions
Tommeh: death to all

Tommeh: never let me get drunk in a party where the majority of people are gay dudes
Sapphic: o.O
Sapphic: you should probably avoid getting drunk in France

Sapphic: aww, but you're so amusing when inebriated
Tommeh: amusing/half crazed/horrendous in hindsight/homo-erotic

Adam: i fucking hate you
Adam: go to a party with no manliness such as me there
Adam: and you get some cracker fool riding you like its the grand national


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