Danu Birthday

I really wish I had some photos from this extravaganza but I always forget to bring out anything with a complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor or charge-coupled device. Needless to say it was an excellent night, which began at 12 where we hit up some pool action at an empty Victoria I.Q. (fake rileys). Where we (twits, rex and I) met up with shing, hess and dan. After a few pints we transmufontenated to Beckenham to watch I Am Legend and meet everyone else, where we nearly drowned in people. Luckily Colin was on the ball and had booked us tickets.

Overall, the film was a bit disappointing, I think it was probably good, but the ending was a bit of an anti-climax, and I felt like far more should have happened. Seeing places in New York I recognised, totally deserted was awesome though, especially washington square where I met Erika once or twice, very odd. We then hit up the Slug and Lettuce, where a few fools had strawberry beer (frulis) and I mocked them when they didn't like it. I also ended up drinking most of Shing's crazy coffee flavoured cocktail, in a few poncy glass. After wards, Tracey saved us all by bringing a map with curry restaurants on, as our one of choice looked a bit suspicious and possibly close. Much food later, and meeting ruffle in there, we traversed to our favourite pub, The Goose. Where many drinks were had, Dan was forced drink terrible concoctions that should never be mixed again, and we all jovially passed the time.

After it was time at the bar, we all staggered out, and dan found an excellent chinese calender in a bin, which I learned later her resorted to licking on the train home. I didn't see this however, as Ad, Russ and I thought it would be fantastic to go to O'neils rather than go home, even though everytime we say we won't. The main issue before entering was that Ad and I didn't realise quite how drunk sir Ruffle of drink-a-lot was. But after 2 shots each at the O'neils bar, and russ being mostly horizontal for the rest of the time, we realised that his liver might go pop. Excellent fun though, we sung at the tops of our voices to some cheese tunes, like living on a prayer, and then a bar woman was passing us and I saw her look at ruffle. Her look was such that I said to guys "dude's we gotta leave" and sure enough we were being escorted/thrown out of the pub, though we were extremely good natured and understanding about it. Especially with russ trying to get the bouncer to say he'd "thrown him out so he looked cool", the guy just looked bemused. Taxi home was 25 coins of the pound, and everyone was slightly worried ruffle would "spill his load" or something, over the car, but to his credit he kept it in.

Good night, excellently humourous ending,


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