Crimbo Gathering

Another excellent gathering at the house of Rex de Whistable. I made a miraculous recovery from the edge of certain death, battled my man flu down, banished the dolphin death, and as pete said "at least its not aids". I picked up herbs from mr and mrs Smith and proceed to collect Cory and followed Susie the wrong stupid damn way to the m25. Luckily she behaved from there on and was moderately plain sailing to the land of air born sea salt. After I pretended to be of some use while actually just wandering between rooms, we proceeded to wait for various amounts of people to turn up, until the entire posse, as you see us above, arrived triumphantly. Slightly depleted from last year due to a poor show from James and Beth, and Ruffle being slave driven by Game.

As the light was drawing in we ambled down to a pub at the bottom of the hill, which was rather dandy, and we jovially quaffed a few pints and mocked my apparent gay antics at various parties previous. The irony was palpable as Ad mounted me once more (see above). After a bit Rex, Ad and Cory went back to prepare dinner, which was jolly nice of them, and we continued with the alcohol, though we were quite laid back and only had about 3 pints each. On returning we were met with excellent cuisine in the form of Chicken Tagine, I think. Was very nice and we all munched hungrily before Secret Santa time.

With expert skillery I managed not only to please my victim, but also make it appear like it wasn't me who gave it, and hence stayed sensually anonymous. I received an awesome extreme travel survival book with various step by step guides to jump from roof to roof, controlling a run away camel and jumping from moving trains etc as well as alcohol in the form of Guiness. People know me too well.

The rest of the night was spent with very moderate drinking, eating an awesome choccy cheesecake made by Shing and excessive playing of Guitar Hero 3 which proved to be most fun. Though quite harrowing on the soul at points, and not a very good drinking game, especially as our Carlsberg tasted like tainted poo-water. No matter, at about 2/3 we all went to sleep, and I drifted off smugly in my 10 tog double duvet. Then awoke to the snoring of Colin, Shing and Adam, surprise surprise. Wasn't too bad though, and I soon punched them to death.

In the morning, after some COD4, we got a frickin' nice and big breakfast in a restaurant under a bridge. Black pudding is excellent. We then trundled back, drove home and I'm sure I did something fascinating for the rest of the evening. Oh yeah, I went through Guitar Hero 3 on medium, using a normal 360 controller.... which mashed up my hands. More importantly it mashed up my vision, causing everything to appear like it was liquid and moving. Quite scary.


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