Box In my Day

After a frightful amount of gaming in the past week it was decided we should find an alternative activity to pass the days, so it was suggested we hit up the Queens Head dans la Green St Green. Unfortunately, we got confused, and I wandered into Gamestation where I got two copies of mass effect and colin raped the pre-owned section with his wallet. We then accidentally wandered in to the Harvey, at about 3pm. We then drank.

When it was food time we attempted to find some place to eat in Orpington, the town which only consists of restaurants and charity shops, yet somehow all of them were shut. So we went back to the pub. And ate. And drank. Then it was the end of time and we went home. Me, and the twits fail at many things. Hopefully tomorrow our skills of planning will come into play, and we'll beat the world at it's own game.

I was happily merry though, so that was good enough.


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