I should warn you all now

I'm doing christmas cards this year, take that you crazy people of card giving uncertainty. I think if I lay out a blanket of card fire, I have less chance of not giving a card to someone who gives me one.

Guess where I am? That's right, volunteering down the salvation army... if by Salvation Army you mean costa coffee, and if by volunteering you mean drinking vast quantities of caffeine while trying to justify my trip to the high street not just to buy Call of Duty 4 cheap. And Graw for 7.99. Mythras loves me.

So, my to do list is now so long I can't remember what was at the top when I'm reading the bottom, I have managed to book a Sta Travel appointment for tomorrow though. Damn, I should probably go to the dentist. *adds that* There's now 29 items!!! Though one of them is "watch Audrey Hepburn films." Although I love this journal for writing in, it's not designed optimally for stickmen doodling due to it's narrowness, and height above the table. And I forgot my loyal Rhino doodle book (circa 4th year Exeter). God I miss Exeter. I have a list in here of things I miss that I may emofect you all with at a later date when I've thought of more things to add to it so it seems I don't actually wander around in a catatonic mental state where I rarely remember to miss stuff unless I stop to think. I'd like to think it was "living in the present" but it's probably just severe cognitive mental damage.

Talking of times when coffee made me slightly woozy and jittery. That would be now then...


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