To Bromley

Twits, I and Trev James went to Bromley today with one eye on the sales and the other eye in a pint of beer. So naturally as we got off the bus we wandered into the slug and lettuce for a pint and lunch. My choriza and chicken penne pasta was extremely good, but Ad's Thai Green Curry smelled what I expect a imaginary utopia to smell like. Trev then shouted varying names at a guy he claimed to know but then was completely blanked and we cracked up. I mean James. After bouncing between varying shops, where I stopped myself buying games, and everyone else sucked at buying clothes we gave up with the awfulness of shops such as Next, and strode into spoons. For a beer. Then we took the bus back which had a high quantity of people who metaphorically resembled penises. Upon arrival in the town which has nothing in, we fell back into the Harvey, consumed a pint and then gat up the Noodle House for some food. Yum. We then forced ourselves home so we stopped drinking and eating.

At home I completed the Simpsons Game which concludes with an awesome dance dance revolution battle with God, where you fight against the Praystation, Exodus Box and the Hii. God is portrayed as a proper lazy gamer, tis very funny, and all to the tune of the Scorpians - Rocking Like A Hurricane. I then went on to play far too much Assassin's Creed into the wee hours of the night, as I got addicted to achievements. Stupid world. Stupid microsoft. Stupid lack of sleep.


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