do I divide and fall apart?

Waking up in the morning, I received a text from that loveable rogue, Rex, who informed me that I return to the wistful shores of England in 4 weeks. Now I do already know this, but it filled me with a feeling of dead and realisation that I will have to actually stop travelling. Then I was overcome by the same feeling I used to get when I had to go back to school on a cold, damp, grey, english winter's day.

I think I've decided my best plan of action for Japan is to plan my entire stay meticiously, so I make full use of my limited time there. Therefore, I am in need of a Japanese LP, yeah you know me, swigging DC like in 73.

And your face is stupid.

I also had a dream about some girl I met on a train, and we had some sort of whirlwind romance or connection for those few minutes on the train, but then my stop came up and we had a to part company. I woke up feeling quite forlorn and emo.


Anonymous 8:47 pm  

I do apologise for causing you a feeling of dead. At least it was only a feeling and not cold hard reality eh? And yes, you will have to stop travelling at some point.

Never know, we may have a scorching September...

And leave my face out of it. Whatever it may be.

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