Sleep comes with a knife, fork and a spoon...

Time for a tech attack in your raptor powered rack. My new Chinese phone, made by unknown manufacturer 'K-Touch' is surprisingly good. The D770, at 80 quid, although feeling cheap, has a 3 mega-pixel camera, large touch sceren, built in telescopic stylus, keypad, motion sensor AND can run 2 sim cards simultanously with no switching required. Great for the gadget whoring backpacker. So I have an English sim and a Chiense sim plugged in there. Comes with 2 batteries, an external battery charger (as well as internal) and an AV cable. Also takes MicroSD cards. AS long as you get someone to swap to English menus it's fine, though the sms dictionary is a bit limited and some error messages are still in chinese. Sim selection is easy and can be done when sending messages and calling. A grand phone and I don't care much about it.

UPDATE: The charger plug is totally mashed and I need a new one. Bum clouds.


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