Housewarming of Adam and Cory

Once upon a time my dear chums, I ventured forth to the magical land that is the drug infested cest pool called Bristol. However it turns out all my preconceptions of this derogatory land of mischief were wrong.

I met the one they call Adam at lunch time and we chilled in some pub that wasn't owned by Wetherspoons. That may shock you, but thats the way we roll. After a few pints of amber nectar we skipped and we hopped through a very nice part of bristol if I do say, the main street anyway, to his abode. With some sexy timing we met Rex, Andy, and Simone outside, and soon progressed inward.

Damn nice apartment tbh, made me feel like I should sort my life out rather than just sucking at Java tests for the 3rd year. I got 65%, yeah its a merit but I wanna be the best *stamps feet*

Anyway, uber apartment, and then we went and got some alcomohol and curry. mmmm after gobbling it all up the party began, with drinks, and strange people with the same name as me who drink way to much for their own good. Yes it sounds like me, but not any more fellow journeyman, I am a sexy reformed character. or something. Finally we went off to some pub/club that was expensive and packed, but was alright

In conclusion: Great weekend and spent lots of money that I don't have.




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