Right in your pie storage cabinet

You remember those times last year when I used to work non stop all night on campus, and come back dead and hallucinating? Well do you? no? then you should fecking read my blog more.

Anyway last night started work at around 8pm I think (though I'd been working all day as well I think) on Neural Networks and Generic and Transferable Skills. At around 9.30 I sprinted to Clydesdale house for 30min to see some of Thursday Night Live. Then ran back and finally finished at fecking 6.03am, which is more stupid than a lot of stuff. Luckily Dan was up on campus till 4am to keep my sanity. Stu was there as well, but I kill him with my shoe.

Then for the next hour I tidied my stupid room, and went to bed at 7am, to be woke up at 10am by room inspector. After this I got an email around 12 just before some lectures from Tammy saying I didn't hand one of the courseworks in. With good reason, I flipped out and ran up to campus and slapped her and ron around till they found it and loved me for being awesome. Then that I had lectures and shit to go to, and fell asleep this arvo.

IT SUCKS. I better get a good grade.


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